Applying for a Certificate of Criminal Record from the Hungarian authorities (Police check certificate)

1., A Hungarian Official a Certificate of Criminal Record is issued upon the request of the individual concerned.

2., Please complete the form in Hungarian and in block letters, in accordance with the rules of the Hungarian language. You should present your valid ID card or passport when lodging of the application..

3., You can apply in person or by post/e-mail.

a) If you apply in person you should book an appointment. For further information please visit our Website.

b) If you apply by post/e-mail you should visit first our Honorary Consul or a Notaries Public who checks your identity and authenticates your signature. You can find the list of Honorary Consuls and Notaries Public on the website („Honorary Consuls, Notaries Public )

When you submit your application you should enclose the copy of your valid passport/ID card

4., If you submit your application by post/e-mail, the consular fee should be transfer to our bank account:

Account no: 12-3630-0002020-01

Bank: ASB

Embassy of Hungary - 101 Lambton Quay 6011 Wellington

Please put your name as reference.


For information about the fees please visit our Website.


5., Please also provide the Request for Consular Service form with your daytime telephone number, your e-mail address and postal address should we need to contact you.


The procedure takes about 3-4 working days as a general rule. Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped reply envelope (Recorded Mail).

The certificate is valid for 90 days as of the date of issue.


Application form and instruction for completing.